Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions

Q: Why do you charge for the Txt service?
We need to cover costs - we receive no Government funding.

Q: Is there any other service like this?
A: No, this is the only dedicated, fully comprehensive alert service in New Zealand

Q: Where is your information sourced?
From many sources, such as NZTA, AA, Civil Defence, Police etc.

Q: How reliable is the service?
100% of txts sent are received when the recipient has cell coverage.
E-mail is sometimes delayed for various internet-related reasons beyond our control.

How easy is the service to use?
Register, and you're away. Takes 2 minutes.


Q: What qualifies for a Lert?

  • The complete closure of a State Highway
  • A detour that will cause 20min delays or more
  • A detour that is not suitable for trucks
  • A weather warning for a road
We can only send an alert when we get information and this is from Police NZTA Councils and our own subscribers. This can arrive to us an hour after the event because of the NZTA and Police protocols. Crashes can even be cleared before the advisory actually arrives.

Q: What are the main reasons I should use Lert Info?

  1. It's automatic
  2. It's flexible
  3. It's simple
  4. We use credible sources
  5. We pull information together from all our sources for your safety
  6. We save you from having to monitor the networks for emergencies.

Q: Can I receive Lerts for the whole country?
Yes, if you choose both North and South Islands.